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This is a user-created wiki/magazine devoted to the needs of people who enjoy learning about Clojure and its extended community. GettingClojure.com can be the Internet hub for solving problems and staying productive with Clojure—but only if you make it so. Please use this site, contribute to it, and tell others about it.

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  • David Sletten started Getting Clojure's Clojure Cookbook, and he continues to add Clojure "recipes" among the following headings: strings, numbers, sequences, regular expressions, times and dates, file contents, and systems. Please look these pages over and leave your feedback at the bottom of each page. We will soon open these pages so that you can contribute, too!
  • Browse the Getting Clojure forums—or, even more important, contribute a question, comment, or answer. You may be interested in the forum titled A "Getting Clojure" Magazine?, which is exploring the possibility of providing magazine-quality content (and perhaps more) on this website.
  • See my Clojure notes: pages 1, 2, 3. I'm using this site as a repository for the things I'm learning about Clojure, as well as hard-won insights about Clojure that I haven't found anywhere else. Feel free to respond/ask questions by writing me at the address below.
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Also Recommended

Must-reads for beginners

Clojure is not an easy language to get started with. Though the situation is improving, Clojure is still in its infancy (think the early days of airplane travel—not for the timid). This means that more than a few Clojure beginners give up in frustration. In addition, Clojure is intimately tied to Java, which adds another layer of complexity to deal with.

Here are two excellent articles that help minimize the time and frustration expended to get the ultra-newcomer started.

Other useful sites:

  • Getting Started This page links to instructions for installing and using different Clojure environments and toolsets, including Eclipse, Netbeans, Emacs, and IntelliJIDEA. [3/24/11: This information has been moved to a new location and is far more extensive—check it out!]
  • ClojureDocs website A great resource that documents all the functions, variables, etc. in Clojure and in the best-known Clojure libraries. It needs more examples, so contribute what you can!

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