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Reading a File into a String


How do I read an entire file into a string?


Use the function clojure.core/slurp. The function takes the name of a file as a string, reads the file and returns a string containing the contents of the file.

Reading a File into a Sequence


How do I work with a file one line at a time?


Use the function clojure.core/line-seq in conjunction with reader attempts to create an open instance out of its single argument. This argument may be a String representing a file name or an instance of Reader, BufferedReader, InputStream, File, URI, or URL.

Suppose we have a file pung.txt with the following lines of text:


We can read in the file like this:
(line-seq (reader "pung.txt")) => ("Is" "this" "not " "pung?")

However, to ensure that the BufferedReader is properly closed it is often more convenient to wrap our code in a with-open macro. This guarantees that even if an exception is thrown that reader will be closed:

(with-open [rdr (reader "pung.txt")]
  (vec (line-seq rdr)))
["Is" "this" "not " "pung?"]

Note that we need to wrap the lazy sequence returned by line-seq in a call to vec in order to force the sequence to be realized before reader is closed.

Let's try reading a web page:

(with-open [rdr (reader "")]
  (vec (take 2 (drop 215 (line-seq rdr)))))
["<p>Let's try reading a web page:</p>" "<div class=\"code\">"]

How's that for recursion?

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