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This is the place for you to respond to Gregg Williams's question, "Would you like to see a professionally edited, community-created, free, digital magazine about Clojure and the Clojure community?" Share your questions, ideas, insights, and more here.
614by GreggWGreggW
14 Jun 2011 01:26Jump!
Sure, include things that need fixing. But we really want to hear your great ideas about things that would make this site even cooler. If you know how to make Wikidot do your bidding, please share your expertise!
12by GreggWGreggW
18 Nov 2010 03:40Jump!
Beginners' Corner
You--yes, you--started out as a beginner. When you get help, get help, or share what you know, everybody wins.
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Yeah, we've been there, too. If your question is "How do I do X in Clojure?", you're in the right place. Please post other questions in "Requests for Help."
12by theophilusx (guest)
31 Aug 2015 22:37Jump!
Feeling clueless? Tired of knocking your head against the wall? Someone will be along with an answer shortly.
24by Long_HDiLong_HDi
05 Sep 2011 09:51Jump!
Stumped? Ask here. Got a solution? Show us how it's done.
11by edlichedlich
26 Feb 2011 19:24Jump!
Have you found something (a webpage, book, etc.) that's helped you out? Ease the pain--share the name.
12by octopusgrabbusoctopusgrabbus
12 Jun 2011 21:41Jump!
Browse here to learn something. Post here to share your "Aha!" moment.
15by GreggWGreggW
11 Jun 2011 03:32Jump!
Have something to say or ask about being a beginner? If it doesn't fit elsewhere, here's the place.

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