Clojure Notes--Cdt, Piccolo 1

Context: installing the Emacs front-end for the Clojure Development Kit installation (see

I'm having some trouble with the installation, especially with getting Leiningen to pull in its dependencies. I had just been using git and was in the git-bash shell. For some reason, things weren't working—I got a "No such file or directory" error for lein. I tried the same thing from a Windows shell and it worked just fine.

Context: Beginning use of mozinator's clj-piccolo2d Clojure "wrapper" for piccolo2d graphics library (see and, respectively)

I started with a working program and began changing things, one by one. In the two lines below, the first method works, while the second method doesn't:

;  (:use clj-piccolo2d.core))
  (:use '[clj-piccolo2d.core :only (rectangle add! width height)]))

The error message from using the uncommented line above is as follows:

C:\tech\cljprojects\piccolotest1>lein run piccolotest1.core
lein run piccolotest1.core
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: lib names inside prefix lists
must not contain periods (core.clj:15)

According to (just before time mark 6:50), the error comes from the fact that symbols cannot currently contain periods in them.

For the moment, I'll go back to using the simpler :use statement.


An example of destructuring in the argument list (ignore the function names):

(defn make-PText
  "Make a PText object w/optional text, font"
  [& [text font]]
  (println "text=" text ", font=" font))

(make-PText "hello" (make-font "Monospaced" Font/PLAIN 36))
(make-PText "hello")

The three tests return the following:

text= hello , font= #<Font java.awt.Font[family=Monospaced, 
text= hello , font= nil
text= nil , font= nil

Note that if the value expected within the arg sequence doesn't exist, the value returned is nil.

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